Office-Kawashita / 川下事務所 について

I am an immigration lawyer in Japan. I handle to get new VISA, change and extension for foreign people mainly. I want to offer useful information, newest information to all of you on establishing this blog. Thank you for your cooperation. 皆様 私は、入管取次業行政書士の川下良二と申します。業務内容は入管関係を主な業務としておりますが、 その他、中小企業支援、海事関係のサービスも業務として行っております。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

年収300万円について / Regarding Yearly income 3million yen

新しい在留許可を得る時に、「最低300万円は必要だ。」という話を聞いたことはありませんか? ところが、「300万円なくとも許可が下りた。」逆に「300万円以上あったのに許可が下りなかった。」との話を聞いたことがあるかもしれません。「地方と都会では平均年収に差があるのに。」と感じた方もいると思います。この300万円は「目安」であって、必要条件ではありません。入管は、在留状況、生活状況、家族状況、見見通しを考慮し、総合的に判断します。300万円に足りなかったといって諦める必要はありません。

When you get the new residence permission, have you heard the story “that at least 3 million yen was necessary.” for?

However, “permission was granted even if there was not 3 million yen.” On the contrary, I might have heard a story, “permission was not granted though I met 3 million yen.”

You think that “there is a difference in mean yearly income in a district and the city.”

This 3 million yen is “an indication” and is not a requirement. The residence situation, a living condition, the family situation are considered and judged by the Immigration Bureau. It is not necessary to give it up saying that you have not yearly income 3 million yen.

技術・人文知識・国際業務 /Engineer, Specialist in humanities and International service

在留資格の中で、就労の1資格です。皆様もご存じと思います。その中で、フリーランスも該当するのか? との質問を顧客から受けることがあります。



In a residence status, it is one qualification of the working VISA. I think that all of you know this.

“Does the freelance correspond in that, too?” I have received some questions called this from some customers.

The answer is “Yes”.

When you apply, it is necessary to submit each document about an individual contract  corporation. In addition, during your residence period, it is necessary for you to submit “the notice of the belonging organization” to the Immigration Bureau when the number of contract company increases.

コロナの影響について / About the influence of the COVID-19


This year under the influence of COVID-19 many people feels “Yearly income will be going down.”
I supposed that there will be many people who were going to do “permanent residence permission application” next year,

There is not the clear guideline yet, but the stance of the Immigration Bureau is like the judgment,
“it is not to the judgment materials that the temporary phenomenon is negative”.

Let’s try it without giving it up.